Thursday, 26 March 2015

The Great Escape

I looked out of the kitchen window at 8am and saw that half the flock (yes, three of them) had escaped and were nonchalantly munching the grass on the ice house (see photo). Interrupting the builders' morning pow wow, I inquired whether a couple of them might have a moment to help me herd the sheep back into the field. The builders did not jump at the challenge. Happy in their placid world of plaster, dust and paint, they did not relish the idea of facing stroppy livestock. Eventually two of them agreed to help.
"You head them off either side of the ice house and I'll switch off the electric current in the fence," I instructed.
The sheep (and here I must admit that they are not in fact ewes but eunuchs, in fact they could be described as rams) looked alarmed as the two men, one with a beard, approached. I switched off the current and ran over there. The rams tried to race off but the builders did a good job blocking their way and so they headed swiftly back into the field. The builders kindly mended the fence and I switched the current back on and called the farmer, saying he should check the enclosure.
Later I was amused to see the bearded builder walk over to get something from his car which was parked next to the field. On seeing him, all six rams charged over to greet him! They must find comfort in facial hair...


  1. At least the rams didn't get started on the shrubs in the garden.

    What are you going to do with the ice house ? You're so lucky to still have one . The advent of refrigerators in the early 1960's did for most of them. Most folks knocked them down or filled them in .

  2. Exciting start to the day.

  3. Greetings Angus and ED! There aren't any shrubs over there fortunately, I was more concerned that they'd wander off into the neighbour's field as the fence is broken. Regarding the ice house, my husband wants to make it into a cellar but we have so much other work that needs to be done that the Grand Cellar Plan won't be completed for a few years!

    1. Excellent for storing beer and wine.
      I believe there were no ice houses as such in the Low Countries. Ice was stored in cellars in the house.